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New reader with a question about wormhole networks
Sorry to triple post, but I'm also thinking about how to insert baseline-ish humans into such a setting. What do you think about:

1) "Interact with 21st Century Humans" museum or theme park. Could be something wholesome and educational to drop the kids off at while you go gambling. Complete with "realistic Earth-village" habitat.

2) A fad begins among some class of transapients to raise small communities of humans, analogous to an ant-farm. The "caretaker" could visit or even live with the humans with some small part of its mind. It would be some sort of hobby or relaxation (would a higher-order mind relax?) for the advanced being.

In both of these situations the seeding humans would probably be created out of raw atoms, not "born". And they probably would have at least some hidden chip in the body somewhere to mark the humans as being in a contract with that particular entity, essentially a "property of X, do not damage" tag that higher organisms could identify.

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