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New reader with a question about wormhole networks
Yeah, my goal at least for now is to be an author-insert of some kind in this universe, so that I can process it some small piece at a time. The universe is already complex and crazy enough. If I start thinking about "wait, would I even eat? Would I talk in words? Would I walk with feet?" etc. etc. I'll never get any further than my own body. So what I have in mind now is a baseline human created in Frei, who gets permission to explore the wormhole network and keeps some kind of journal. I'm assuming that by 10k AT most baseline humans exist at the whim of more powerful benevolent beings. This may become a problem for me if I travel outside of NoCoZo. My AI benefactor's influence may not extend beyond those bounds.

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RE: New reader with a question about wormhole networks - by somnolent - 04-10-2016, 11:20 AM

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