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New reader with a question about wormhole networks
Going to bed last night, a notion occurred:

Instead of being elements in an exhibit, perhaps have a small community of baseline humans who willingly set themselves up as entertainers. Specifically, have them run/be a circus or traveling carnival type group.

There is a trope in fiction (not sure how accurate it is) that the performers in circuses and carnivals are something of a tight knit and semi-closed community, often with children growing up in it and then taking over their parents act or role when they get old enough.

Assuming some truth to this, the baselines could be a community of performers that has a strong cultural ethos of insularity and sticking to their community. In addition, the 'draw' of their act is based in part on the fact that baselines are doing the various tricks and illusions and such, without the advantage of either genetic enhancement or much internal tech. This could work to resist the tendency of the younger generation to get augments and otherwise become nearbaselines or the like. Although, some of that would likely still be happening at some level.

Such a community would need to be larger than a real world circus in order to provide a breeding pool and other community related things, but that would probably be doable.



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