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New reader with a question about wormhole networks
(04-13-2016, 07:39 AM)somnolent Wrote: In the resource allocation page there's an interesting theory under Uncapped Personal Resources: "As a result of this memgeneering these worlds and systems are often the most frugal of all Sephirotic Worlds, since the citizens of these worlds may strive to reduce their consumption and population growth to sustainable levels and compete against one another to demonstrate their austerity."

Maybe this culture could even be an offshoot from such a group that decided to "go baseline" to prove their austerity. It's kind of an odd mismatch for a planet like Frei, which celebrates enjoyment. But maybe that is part of the larger memetic plan somehow...

This doesn't really work when we consider that Frei is a warm gas giant. Living there would require bubblehabs at least, and a general level of advanced tech all around. So why an avoidance of implants or genetic engineering? That's before we get to it being a medium to major center in the Old Core worlds that draws visitors from across the Civilized Galaxy.

Frei isn't deeply described but it seems very unlikely that a culture of low-tech baselines would be the dominant group there (for that matter baselines don't really dominate anything anywhere, almost by definition). For that matter, you originally were talking about a character, then about a group or organization, and now suddenly it's a culture. Things seem to be expanding here, and it's not really clear what is going on.

With that in mind, what is this in service of? Are you proposing a story of some kind or something else?

Also, why the aversion to any kind of genetic enhancements or cybernetic augmentations? I understand that you find this 'easiest' to imagine, but at the end of the day, we are imagining a spacefaring civilization 10,000yrs in the future, one that has been engaging in massive amounts of genetic engineering and cybernetic augmentation for most of that time. Those who don't use such technologies are very much in the minority and it's not really clear how (or why) someone who eschews them would be able to play any kind of important role in the setting. Perhaps it would be easier in the grand scheme of things to put some energy into imagining how these things work (even if it is a bit more of an effort) and incorporating them to at least some degree in whatever you are trying to create here.

On a related note, and just to make sure there's no misunderstanding on this point, being a 'baseline' means not being genetically engineered (being a real life type human basically), not lacking augmentations (which are cybernetic enhancements). Up to a point a baseline can have a number of these, but is still a baseline because they are not genetically enhanced and are therefore physically and/or mentally inferior to those who are (Near-baselines, Superiors, and Tweaks).


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