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 How can I realistically use pantropy in a hard science fiction setting?
(04-28-2016, 05:30 AM)Ace009 Wrote: Mind uploading does exist, problem is it just that culture has prevented its large scale use. That and ethical issues. >Sad

Don't be so quick to discard ethical issues, IMO there's huge potential for SF to properly explore the real ethical issues of various technologies (beyond the usual overly simplistic luddites/religion vs "progress").

Do you have any comment on the answer I have with regards to how pantropy can be used?

(04-28-2016, 05:30 AM)Ace009 Wrote: You do not mind if I link a Google Docs to the project I based this universe on, do you? If not...well, here it is: To The Planets Beyond (Original Edition) . The timeline also goes as far as 2500 in the Extended Edition, but that has not been completely developed. Oh and some additional links to help would be nice: The Extraplanetary Wars, Realistically Conducting a Combat Manoeuvre (Part I), and finally Realistically Conducting a Combat Manoeuvre (Part II with Available Tactical Options)

So, overall: think of this as a dumbed down version of Orion's Arm's Interplanetary Era mixed in with The Expanse (in terms of some elements) and GURPS: Transhuman Space (the latter of which I proudly own).

Ok, skimming through those I think I have a sense of your setting now. It would still be useful to know specifics of technology, economics and culture surrounding pantropy itself to properly help you get an answer.
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