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Consolidating the EG a Bit
I like the title 'Orbital Rings and Mass Stream Technology'.
It is possible to link to 'tags' within an article, using html code, so if we consolidate certain articles we can still link to subheadings if we want to.
An example
Comm-Gauge Wormholes
#subsection is the same way is done in other webs. Smile
I am in this forum thread to talk about multiple tiny articles.

Second Toposophic - High Transapients

Mini articles:

Potentate - Text by Darren Ryding
[1] In Archaipeligo, a recently transcended S2 power.
[2] A low-level S2 power, ranking below a principality. Potentates are usually adept at basic transapientech.
Supralect - A general term used for a Mind of second singularity or more (but beneath archailect). Titan is an equivalent term.
- - -
My intention would be to merge these article with Second Singularity or with the corresponding article and clean the mini articles. If we still want the terms, we could merge them with the Glossary of terms.
For Supralect, I'd suggest just moving it to the Glossary or even removing it from the EG entirely. It's from very early in the setting when Alan was loading in all kinds of terms to try them out. This one never went anywhere.

RE Potentate - Since this is a specialized term that is apparently limited to the Archaipelago - or the Archosaurian Empire - I'd suggest merging it with one of those two articles, perhaps as part of a list of terms at the end of the article. IIRC there are other terms that are in basically the same situation. They could also go into the list and be removed as separate super-short EG articles.

Thanks for taking this on!

I think we should merge the Virch, Virtual Reality, and VR articles together, then turn it into a hub article with links to all pages related to virch.
I'd be happy to consolidate your suggestions and do the update for those Virch articles if we get approval from some other editors and approve it.

I suspect to do that merge properly though there might be a few small additions needed.
I'd be happy too if we consolidate that concept in one article and include the content of the other articles in one.
Agreed that these should be consolidated into one and that it will take a bit of modification to create a single cohesive article.

Note also that the Virch article exists in almost identical form in the Glossary. Which may be a reason to remove the article entirely, although we could also use the definitions at the start of a combined article.

So - that's one additional Editor who is approving thisSmile

Making this sticky.

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