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"Weeding" the Timeline & Early Timeline Contribution Guidelines?
I'd like to contribute, so I have some weeding suggestions for up to 130 AT, which is most of need of editing. These examples are very specific for events happening over the next few decades.

61 - Despite intense protests from proponents of independent academia, the EU Parliament decides on a "unified and quality controlled" university standard. The brain drain to the US and emerging academic free states like Peru and New Zealand intensifies.

66 - Treaty of Athens establishes a single European State. The European Union (EU) becomes the European Federation (EF). NAFTA troops begin "police action" against Andean drug barons. Budget cuts mean a set-back to the next Martian mission. But plans for the moon base go ahead

86-87 - Static Music and White Noise becomes the most popular form of music in the 11-24 demographic.

90 - EU ban on Tobacco.

94 - Growth of tobacco Mafias

103 - The Static craze dies out thanks to a counter-meme created by an independent memetic engineer and Elvis Presley fan Ryu O'Connor, despite numerous lawsuits on behalf of the entertainment megacorps

110s - Worldwide weakening of nation states (partly due to the growth of enclaves, many tobacco funded) contributes to the Tobacco legalisation movement as the local regulations prove ineffective.

120's - Smoking associations - Social networks centered on tobacco use - reach notoriety.

130 - EU ban on tobacco lifted.



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