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"Weeding" the Timeline & Early Timeline Contribution Guidelines?
(09-22-2016, 11:44 AM)Drashner1 Wrote: The one issue I have with removing these (And why I didn't remove them initially) is that most of them refer to articles in the EG (Static, various smoking/tobacco related articles). The European Federation is a part of the timeline, although I don't think we have a full on EG about it.

One of the criteria I used when weeding this section of the timeline was that the entries removed seemed to have no real connection to anything in the EG.

These entries don't have a terribly strong connection, but they do have one.

This doesn't mean I'm saying we can't remove them, but are we sure we should do so?


The early timeline up to 130 AT should be the most sparse timeline since it can easily dated by events in the next couple decades. I feel that a lot of the events in the early timeline just distract our attention from Current day and Terragen Sphere, which is the main focus of the project. The Early timeline serves as exposition than the main story we're telling, so it should be relatively short so it doesn't distract writers from writing about the current day. I've read a few posts in the story creating threads describing stories that focus on the Interplanetary Era. That's not bad in itself, but it does tend to take the focus away from the current day where a lot of stories don't get as much attention.

Frankly I think the European Federation is probably dated given the fact the UK has already voted to leave the EU, with states like Greece likely to follow. We could reduce the European Federation to a few states like France, Germany, or Belgium in Central Europe.

The European Federation is irrelevant to most of the pre- expulsion history and completely irrelevant afterwards. So if we keep the European Federation we'll need to relate it to events after the expulsion to keep it relevant, like with the Huanghua colony which descended from Chinese settlers. However its more prudent to delete the European Federation since its unnecessary to justify anything in the pre- expulsion setting.

As a rule, if its not necessary to justify a part of the pre- expulsion era, we should delete it so the entries aren't dated. If we want to add more events to the timeline, we should focus on the Sundering or First Federation period or later since the Great Expulsion makes since most events that would make the timeline dated won't be relevant in the period after the Technocalypse.

Huanghua page

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