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"Weeding" the Timeline & Early Timeline Contribution Guidelines?
Hey QwetyYerty here. I propose deleting the following entries from the timeline up to 130 AT. They are too specific and/ or don't contribute to the post- Technocalypse OA setting. If we're keeping them they need detailed Encyclopedia entries and/ or a direct connection to the post- Expulsion setting. Otherwise they just clutter up the timeline.

52 - Continued environmental degradation in some third-world countries.

55 - Laser Weapons first used in warfare.

56 - Employers begin discriminating on the base of the applicants geneprint.

57 - In the spirit of optimism NASA, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and European Space Agencies and a consortium of private corporations begin work on the astonishingly expensive international Mars Mission Profile.

60's - Genetic modification of humans becomes increasingly accepted

61 - Despite intense protests from proponents of independent academia, the EU Parliament decides on a "unified and quality controlled" university standard. The brain drain to the US and emerging academic free states like Peru and New Zealand intensifies.

62 - First minor optional human genome tweak improvements available. The techniques are widely controversial and heavily regulated (even banned) in most nations. Whilst certain improvements in health are possible, many tweaks, selected by correlation to desired traits, have little to no effect. In addition, the risk of miscarriages or cancer through genetic damage remains low but significant. Despite the downsides, 'black clinics' (often employing questionable quality control procedures) flourish in some parts of the world, offering illegal embryonic enhancements.

63 - Autonomous cars represent a significant percentage of car ownership. Some nations introduce policies favouring them over manual cars.

63 - Academion Island founded by Aristos, a front company of various European universities.

65 - Nanoscale technology in widespread use for the manufacture of electronic equipment and other commodities; biotech continues to play an important role in the development of many poorer counties, despite political difficulties

67 - Widespread robot development

70 - Precooled air-breathing rocket engines allow for the first trans-oceanic hypersonic airliners as well as reusable SSTO vehicles. Initial costs are high but dramatically decrease the launch costs to space.

70 - New superbaby generation of child entrepreneurs force big changes to business and employment law and practices, as well as rules relating to legal maturity and asset ownership

70's-80's - The Space Hilton (private investment orbital hotel) still held up by mounting technical and financial difficulties, meanwhile there is a boom in Freedom Ships (giant floating cities for the wealthy). With the rise of these "Freedom Ships" and "Freedom Islands" increasing numbers of people taking to the sea to live and work, connected by the global internet economy and community.

78 - Personal transport market dominated by autonomous cars. Many nations have regulations limiting the use of manually-controlled cars.

78 - Brief fad for Polypedal pots, robotic houseplant containers

81 - First inter-city Vac-train system developed in China with plans to extend through Asia to Europe and Africa as part of the Silk Road Development program.

86-87 - Static Music and White Noise becomes the most popular form of music in the 11-24 demographic.

86 - First broadcasting of The Planet X epic-comedy-drama saga featuring the popular fictional character Morag the Moravec more.

87 - First commercial fusion reactor (a D-T inertial confinement design) comes online in France, supplying 300MW of power to the European grid.

90's - Especially among the educated classes, traditional religions continue to be usurped by younger, more exotic beliefs, such as Sanandism, Babaism, Cosmism, Transhumanism, etc.

90's - Megacorps begin loaning money to hard-pressed governments.

90's - Cyborg augmentations developed that allow domestic animals to understand human speech.

92 - Jarvis Microtechnics introduces the 25 gram robot "Pocket Tractor", revolutionizes agriculture

103 - The Static craze dies out thanks to a counter-meme created by an independent memetic engineer and Elvis Presley fan Ryu O'Connor, despite numerous lawsuits on behalf of the entertainment megacorps

110 - A full-scale collapse or reformation of many geopolitical states is underway; a boom in gambling; emerging virtual states take on increasing importance; major developments in Antarctica

110s - Worldwide weakening of nation states.

110 - Chinese Gobi colonisation project begins with the dual aim of transforming the desert into habitable land and developing a model for self-sustaining high-tech extraterrestrial colonies. The project continued for many decades and in combination with international sister projects in the Antarctic, Atacama and Pacific spearheaded CELSS technology and colonial economic management.

113 - The increasing population of Earth (which has now reached 10 billion) and the decrease in easily exploitable resources and human-induced climate change lead to widespread starvation, epidemics and many small-scale conflicts. Numerous environmental mitigation projects are underway, many of which have conflicting objectives.

114 - "Tweak" superbaby Marcus Alfonse Lee becomes Chairman of the Board of "High Frontier" venture startup Orbital Explorations Pty Ltd (later to be renamed Lee Interorbital) at age 12.

115 - New developments in animal cross-species gene-splicing



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