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"Weeding" the Timeline & Early Timeline Contribution Guidelines?
Relative to the other parts of the timeline, the information age is incredibly bloated.

I understand more information being available for more recent eras in OA history. However, the interplanetary age timeline, which the OA present day would have much more data on and is three times as long has only 40% more description than the information age timeline. In fact, if the interplanetary age timeline had proportionally as much description as the information age, it would be 10,644 words.

Word count on parts of the timeline

Industrial age- 300 years
438 words
1.46 words per year

Information age- 100 years
3548 words
35.48 words per year

Interplanetary age- 300 years
4970 words
16.56 words per year

Also, the Industrial age has barely anything in it. We mention 9/11 in the OA timeline but not World War Two. Which event do you think has a better chance being remembered in 10,000 years?

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