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(08-17-2016, 02:59 AM)Drashner1 Wrote: Thinking about this further, some kind of organism that extracts material from sea water (and the air probably) to produce a chemical explosive of some kind (and in quantity) is probably both easier, faster, and nearly as dangerous if you have enough of it. While not as spectacular as a nuclear explosive, in large enough amounts it could severely disrupt shipping or endanger coastal communities if it washed ashore.

Biologically producing a high explosive is quite do-able. But honestly, if you want to disrupt coastal communities, fishing and the like - just a good old fashioned red tide is the way to go. And if you give the red algae some khaki nano capability to attack opposing tech and hamper clean-up or bio-remediation, and make it grow really fast....
As far as terror weapons, "First Plague in a Can™" is pretty darn good.
Give the red tide algae a "stealth phase" where it silently reproduces without being noticed until it reaches some pre-determined concentration, and then it weaponizes, and you've got some badness waiting for a nefarious mustache-twirler to dump in the ocean.

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