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Interactive notebook: a WIP
My most recent distraction is an attempt to create an interactive notebook for use in Celestia. This was inspired by my attempt to create an interactive book to represent the EG, which still is a WIP.

They're interactive in the sense that one can turn their pages, not that one can create new entries. Writing on a page has to be done "out of band" by painting the surface texture for each leaf of the notebook.

A sub-project was to create what looks like a taped-in photograph. It'll be used in several places. I made that available on DeviantArt yesterday at


Invaders Of Mars
Alpha v0.1

Copyright © October, 2016, by Selden Ball. All rights reserved.

This Addon for Celestia displays an interactive 3-Ring Notebook in Celestia:

(95MB expands to 211MB)

WARNING: This Addon is *incomplete*. Much of its functionality and
contents have not yet been implemented. It's being made available so
someone other than myself can test it and provide feedback. This
"Alpha" version of the addon is very large (95MB expanding to 211MB)
because many of the intermediate development files are included, and
most of its CMOD models have not been converted from ASCII to binary.
Extraneous files will be removed and models will be optimized for the
final version.

Please!! let me know of any problems you encounter or improvements
you think could be made to this Addon.

Operating Instructions

If you restore this 95MB Zip file into Celestia's Extras directory, it
should recreate all 211MB of the directories and files necessary for it to
work with Celestia v1.6.1 or later.

After extracting the Addon to your extras directory, click/select/run
the script "flip_pages.celx". When it starts, you will see an envelope
containing a letter. Click/Select it to view the letter.

Subsequently click on things that look interesting.


While trying to implement a limited interactive version of the Orion's
Arm Encyclopaedia Galactica, I got distracted by realizing that one of
its major problems (how to turn its flexible pages) could be avoided
by using inflexible pages. This Notebook is the result.

As you'll see from the accompanying in-Celestia letter, I think it can be stretched to be in some way related to OA.

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