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Hyper- realistic PC game that can help us with ship design ideas
Nifty! Smile

There was something posted about this earlier this year IIRC, but I don't remember if it included the link provided here that takes you to all the supporting info, websites, and option to purchase. I do remember a YouTube video that I see here.

Anyway, several different thoughts here. In no particular order...

a) Thanks for the disclaimer about not trying to be spamSmile We take a dim view of spammers and appreciate it when members try to avoid doing it. That said, as a posting member with a bit of history with the project, you are more of a known quantity and have earned more leeway in that regard than someone who's very first post to the project was one promoting their own project, for example.

If you (or any other members here, if you are listening) ever do have a project that you're working on that you'd like to present/promote to the membership, just contact one of the Admins offlist or use the Contact Us feature on the site and we can discuss.

Ok, with that Public Service Announcement out of the way...

b) While I haven't read the entire blog/wordpress page (not complaining - for an OA member to complain about the amount of intro material would by hypocritical to the point of hilarity Tongue), it looks pretty cool. I'm particularly taken with the mention of stealth in space (it ain't happening), and the apparent degree of customization and design tools that the game apparently brings to the table.

c) OA take a somewhat different approach to this, mainly due to the nature of the project, but also because we also postulate some techs appearing that would somewhat (or possibly drastically) change how space operations/combat would work from the starting assumptions the game makes. Examples include strong AI and advanced power sources such as fusion, amat, and conversion.

That said, this might have direct application when considering ships (military or otherwise) early in the timeline and possibly even later depending on how flexible the tool is (could we trick it into giving us numbers for our more powerful techs or will it flip over and wave its legs in the air if we try?).

d) Being fans of hard SF ourselves, at the least I think we should consider adding a link to this on our Links page. Depending on how the senior membership feels about it, we might also (as the project - what individuals do is up to them) post something about this to our various social media platforms. We might also consider reaching out and saying 'Hi' to the designer(s) since we do play in the same general space (hard science SF) in various ways.

e) Going back to my mention of the design tools - the price for this is pretty nominal. Perhaps the Board could discuss purchasing a copy to use as a design tool for ships in the OA setting? There are various issues around that which would need discussing, but it's something we might consider.

My 2c worth,


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