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Hyper- realistic PC game that can help us with ship design ideas
IIRC the developer does mention somewhere that the tech assumptions are deliberately limited in various ways to ensure/maximize the odds of accuracy (since we've yet to actually have a space based war, there is of course a certain amount of speculation involvedSmile).

It should also be noted that OA is generally considering a period hundreds to thousands of years further into the future than this game does. So there are going to be different assumptions or just plain levels of technology involved.

I agree we shouldn't expect the moon and, given our own indie status the 'not expecting the moon' thing is certainly something we can sympathize with.

That said, I can also see where Rynn is coming from. I'm not sure if the game, in its present incarnation, would offer much as a resource to OA when considering space warfare for most of the timeline. Although perhaps in the early Interplanetary period, there would be some crossover. However, it may very well be a source of hard SF fun for members who are into gaming and space warfare (or puzzle) gamesSmile


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