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accessing the future via the past
Thanks to all of you for your replies!
I gathered my courage and asked for access to the yahoo archive....
Not sure when, but I've run across Palaeos before, and I do like how the summaries can provide a springboard for further thought.
For some reason, I'm identifying with the Muuh.
Is there a current Muuh forum or thread?
I haven't yet found anything which refers to an individual Muuh by name, but there's something about their approach to things like architecture and provolution that speaks to me ... and the fact that they have the time to do things "right," for want of a better word. The Muuh biobot idea also fits in there somehow. I'm thinking that they may use bio(tech) solutions a lot. I could see them using the "natural" genetic engineering/genetic transformation abilities of micro-organisms to create everything from food to art. There's also something about them that says they have a deep sense of humor....
I'm imagining a story of a Muuh traveler who jumps on an iceship to Muuhome with nothing more than a few biobot seeds and a few capsules of concentrated micro-organisms crafted to meet all eir travel needs. Just throw them down in an icy corner, with maybe some nutrient powder, go to sleep for a hundred or a thousand years, and wake up to find that every traveler's desire has been met organically. They could even take advantage of the stages of microbial "evolution" being "faster" than that of lumbering multi-cellular organisms. Pre-defining each stage, perhaps, such that earlier, simpler micro-biota become food sources, or otherwise serve as a foundation, to the increasing genetic and functional complexity of later forms. Think of the variety of intoxicants you could make! Of course, you can't account for everything, so sometimes breakfast has an unexpected taste, but why does it matter? It's all part of the experience, and anyway, you'll be home in a million years or so......
Yeah, I see the Muuh as having almost an intuitive sense for the potential of biotech and all the necessary time to realize that potential. I see them anticipating, engineering, and using the emergent properties of increasingly complex systems, particularly living systems.
Of course that's just me, and I'm obviously new here, but I did get a little excited there..... Need to work on my OA pronouns, though.....

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