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accessing the future via the past
(10-10-2016, 05:10 PM)tomzdadster Wrote: Btw, I'm kind of wondering how sexual reproduction makes sense for a species like the Muuh .... sex is usually seen as requiring a lot of energy ...

Wishful thinking I'd say there Wink In all seriousness there are plenty of animals for whom reproduction is not that intensive. In terms of how the Muuh might do it consider that they are symmetrical along the dorsal-ventral axis. Reproductive organs are therefore unlikely to be on the top or bottom of the body (because if a Muuh had flipped over at some point they'd have to flip back over for sex, an energy intensive move for them). That rules out front or rear entry penetration. They may reproduce by spawning as Todd says, for another idea though they could have egg sacs tucked away inside their shell. From the pictures of the Muuh we know they have a gap between their upper and lower shell, within the posterior may lie the genitals and egg sac. Muuh could reproduce by coming in contact end-to-end. Sex happens and a new Muuh grows in the sac protected within the shell opening. However long later it grows to an immature form and breaks out of the sac, the mother rests as the small, young muuh crawls onto the ice and takes its first steps.

Another thing to consider is whether or not Muuh are K- or R selectors, which is a fancy way of saying "do they have a lot of kids they don't spent much effort raising, or a few kids they spend a lot of effort raising?" It could be that Muuh give birth like humans, with one or two children at a time they raise in family groups. Or maybe they give birth to litters of pre-sophont Muuh, most of which will die due to the dangerous nature of being a slow cryolife organism. But a few will live to sophonce and at that point join the community.

Lots to play around with, any it could all end up just being a Muuh taboo! God knows sex is taboo enough in many human cultures.
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