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Rise of Homo Superior article- slightly bumping Godwin's law
While it is accurate for the setting, is the first sentence of the Rise of Homo Superior article a good time to bring up eugenics and the Aryan Morningstar League? The first paragraph sets up the rest of the article, so it sounds like its about an attempt to make a Aryan inspired clade, while it really should be just a foot note.

While I know Homo Superior has been on this site since 2000, it may be time to rethink the name. If in real life if someone wanted to name a new designed human species Homo Superior, most people would think he/she was a eugenicist, and they would probably be right. It seems strange to me that it would be politically correct to call these people Superiors only a century or two from now, especially when eugenicists are very actively designing such a clade during that time period.

From the article:

Despite the popularity of eugenist and selective-breeding ideologies that culminated in short-sighted memeticities such as the Aryan Morningstar League and the early 22nd century c.e. Lunar Eugenist Institute, it was actually the transhumanist and libertarian biohackers that gave rise to Homo superior.

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