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Rise of Homo Superior article- slightly bumping Godwin's law
Also, why would a genetics company give out "source code" for genetics they designed?

And why would a Terran corporation align themselves with small orbitals and lunar states? That would be like Google praising North Korea and Iran so as not to be dependent on the United States.

Also, how were the Orbital Alliance maintain able to maintain a near-monopoly on interplanetary travel?

From same article:

Even before the spread of the pirate "Gloriously Bright" germline cell patch, GeneTEK had already acquired a favourable reputation among genehacks and neobiopunks for its distribution of open source genomes.

The huge Terran tweak-run corporation GeneTEK aligned itself with some of the small independent and disaffected orbitals and lunar states in order to establish a presence in space not dependent on the Orbital Alliance and their near-monopoly on interplanetary travel.

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