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Rise of Homo Superior article- slightly bumping Godwin's law
(10-16-2016, 10:41 AM)QwertyYerty Wrote: Originally they were called "Tweaks" by the general population early in OA history. Is that how most people (not in the clade) refer to this clade in the present?

No, they refer to them as Superiors (or Su for short). Because they are superior (to whatever the baseline or nearbaseline version of the species in question is).

Of course they are as nothing to the transapients who are superior to modosophonts in all things and in all ways.

In Terragen civilization it is an objective fact that some beings are better than others at virtually everything. Because they have made themselves that way. The primitive memetics and propaganda of the Industrial and Information Age around one race or culture or whatever being 'better' isn't really relevant in the eyes of Terragens. They are able to create beings who are literally and objectively smarter/stronger/better performing in virtually every endeavor and facet of existence - those being the transapients.

Superiors are more along the lines of being a more cohesive and refined version (genetically speaking) of the slightly chaotic genetic alterations that the various nearbaseline races and clades have been engaged in for some thousands of years - often driven by fashion or individual cultural preferences. Superiors as a group aim to have more of a plan (at least in a general way - there are still local variations even among them - just not as many as among nebs and tweaks - who are their own distinct class of biological sophont in the setting).


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