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21st century- and OA
The Information Age (30 to 0130 AT) (2000-2100 c.e.)
(2100-2400 c.e.)

Aside from the fact that the future timeline drops off in detail during the 2200s while OA increases in detail over the same time, i'm guessing between 50-70% similar? i'm not sure if something this complex can really be boiled down to a single percentage. Now that i'm reading all the events of this timeline in detail, i'm seeing how much more optimistic they are about femptotech/picotech, arcologies, and society improving through technology. I'm not really sure how copyright issues would be a problem here, since we're all talking about general technological concepts and patterns in society and not specific characters.

They have something similar to 'traditional' forcefields being developed during the 22nd century, which include curved lasers and 'instant carbon nanotube walls' somehow? I'm really not sure how they figured that was possible (is it?), or how the superheated plasma layer hot enough to melt metal bullets instantly wouldn't be a problem for the people inside (air heating up). Also, they have femptotech developing within 200 years, while in OA, we keep picotech and femptotech as a non-viable myth, mostly. Maybe physicists will make some crazy discoveries in the next 200 years and i'll be totally wrong.

reading this actually really makes me appreciate what an incredible job of worldbuilding we've done here (not that we're necessarily more correct overall about how tech will develop, but we've described how the tech in OA develops really well, and the complex ways that it fits into society, and the economic limits of each technology) .
So, great work, everyone!

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