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Timelines for Tau Ceti (Nova Terra) and other systems
On the main timeline we shift some entries to new timelines on their respective articles. We should make similar timelines for important worlds/ systems, such as Nova Terra and the Tau Ceti system.

We can start by moving some entries from the main timeline to Tau Ceti and Nova Terra articles.

Nova Terra

Tau Ceti system
The Mars article has a very detailed example.
Setting up smaller timelines within various articles is something we're reasonably agreed on.

If you'd like to post dates from the main timeline that could potentially go into such mini-timelines, such as you did for shorter articles we just did, that would be very helpful.

Note that the Mars timeline probably needs a review since we updated the main timeline earlier this year and I don't think the Mars mini-timeline was updated to match. Actually, given the new direction we are heading here, it would be very helpful, and kill two birds with one stone, if you could compare the Mars mini-timeline to the existing main timeline and post on any changes that need to be made to the mini-timeline.

Please do not feel that you must do this. I'm planning to do a lot of 'housekeeping' projects next year and timelines can certainly be part of that. But it would go much faster if I had some assistance.


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