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Collapsible / expandable sections or menus
I came with this idea for OA after reading some long articles.
Articles like: Red Star 'M'pire, have sections with title1, title2 hierarchy.
I think a feature of collapsible sections could be useful.

Also, articles with a lot of sections could have index of sections at the beginning of the article.
The items of the index could be linked with the title of the corresponding section.

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Something like this is already on our wish list for the eventual site redesign that I am discussing with Trond later this month. If you would like, I can post the wish list so you can see what is already on our radar for future changes.

Todd Smile
Yes, that way we will not be giving repeated suggestions already on the wishlist. Big Grin
I've attached a copy of the tracking spreadsheet we've been using for planning purposes. It should give a pretty good idea of what we are looking to do with the redesign of the website in the short, intermediate, and long term.

Hope this helps,


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