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Suggestion: "what links here" section
(11-03-2016, 03:05 AM)Drashner1 Wrote: Why do you think it would be a positive to have this functionality in the EG?


Is a suggestion. I used this function in wikipedia, but this is not a wiki. Shy
Is a functionality to know the redirections and what is linked. A way to administrate the Backlinks and backlinking in the EG.

Aside, i found that some minor articles have independent pages, but still have no link. So, the article exist, but is not linked.
An example: Sapphiroid contains the "related" Corundumoid, and Corundumoid in the text (not linked).
And Corundumoid has Sapphiroid in "Related" with no link, and Sapphiroid in the text (not linked).

I know these are minor articles, and possibly unimportant but i like tidy articles.
Idea Possibly Sapphiroid and Corumdumoid needs a merge and the remove of one of the articles, ("Consolidating the EG a Bit") but then this need redirections to the things that links Sapphiroid and Corumdumoid (what links to Sapphiroid and Corumdumoid?) if the removed article has backlinks, this become broken links, and "what links here" is useful.
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