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Gamma-ray shielding against bursters
Centauri Dreams has an interesting article about shielding, suggesting that simply burying your civilisation underground would not be enough
This is based on a paper by M. Ćirković and B. Vukotić: Long-term prospects: Mitigation of supernova and gamma-ray burst threat to intelligent beings

I disagree that burying your civilisation underground would be of little value, since the shields described would be useless at stopping cosmic rays - but they could act to protect the biosphere of a planet from the worst effects, making recovery more certain.

Note that we have at least one event in OA that required the use of hi-tech biosphere shields- the Verifex Event was countered by large scale Emple-DokCetic shielding, which is described as being an array of smart matter very like the one described by Ćirković. if and when I get hold of the preprint I'll post it here, and perhaps we can incorporate some hard data into the Emple-DokCetic article.

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