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IIRC physically impossible to be exactly right about it over interstellar distances. In any case for the Nexus the issue is much simpler. Given that Haward class wormholes can be placed very close together (theoretically as close as 5 micrometres for a 1 nanometre diameter pair, practically a few tens of kilometers apart due to the intense gravity) if you're docked with your Haward relay node you can chat to any other node in a very short amount of time.

Quick idea running some numbers: lets consider 1 nanometre wormholes. They mass 6.743e19 kilos which makes their surface gravity insane. At 22km distant the gravity is about 1g so lets imagine a bog-standard Hayward Node is a shellworld hab 44km wide, with communication arrays all across the surface and the wormhole sitting in the exact centre. In a relay system 100 Hayward wormholes are arranged in a dynamically stabilized Klemperer Rosette with each node one light second from its neighbours. A Haward relay is therefore a circular arrangement with the furthest distance between nodes being ~30 light seconds.

The nexus is 5 levels deep. If you're standing on your system's Hayward node and you're calling someone on the far side of the Nexus standing on their system's Hayward node the longest possible time it would take messages to travel between you is five minutes. The shortest possible time is ten seconds.

Of course that scenario is quite contrived, you may be light hours or more from your local Node and the Rosettes larger than half a light minute. But in any case communication between parts of the Nexus should be good enough through the network to maintain synchronised clocks.

EDIT: Doing some searching I found this paper from the 90s that suggests we might be able to identify distant interstellar civilisations using neutrino pulses to synchronise distant clocks:
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