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Singularity levels and their limitations
Even S:6 Greatest Archailects can't really rewrite the laws of physics, although they can bend them to a remarkable degree. If, for instance, a S:6 creates a baby universe, we generally accept that the laws of physics inside that universe could be 'tweaked' somewhat, to create an environment that is different from our own. In OA canon we tend to think that an artificial universe which can be initiated within our universe would have conditions fairly similar to our own, so that a kind of mild evolution of universes takes place. So baby universes with large numbers of macroscopic dimensions are ruled out, for example. But since the modosophont population of OA do not have access to these locations, this is really just speculation and hearsay.

In practice I'd expect that a modosophont observer watching an archailect performing 'miracles' would be convinced that the archailect could control space-time pretty thoroughly.

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