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Singularity levels and their limitations
Lots of parts to an answer to these questions. In no particular order:

1) 'Sophont' works as an umbrella term for any thinking/self-aware entity in the setting from baseline humans (like thee and me) on up to S6 AI Gods). More commonly, we use the term 'transapient' as a catch-all term for anything S1 or higher and 'archailect' (plural = archai) for anything S4 or higher. S3 are sometimes called 'Godlings' and its common for S4 and above to be referred to as 'gods' - including being worshiped as such in some parts of Terragen civilization.

2) None of the transapients, even the S6 can 'rewrite the laws of physics.' However, within the laws of physics they can do some pretty spectacular things.

3) Regarding S6 capabilities, the first thing to note is that a given transapient S-level can do everything the lower S-levels can do (both mentally and technologically) and can do it better. Plus a range of abilities or technologies that only first manifest at their S-level.

I don't have time to get into all the lower transapient abilities atm, but these pages should help you get started:


Look for things like Foresight, Oversight, Translogic, and Ideogenesis. Also Perception Hacking. Note that these are only examples of some of the full range of transapient capacities. Each of these first appears at the S1 level.


Brain sizes and processing power for minds S0-S3 - we still need to write up entries for S4 and S5 and are still working on the parameters for S6. Part of a project I'll be starting next year.

In terms of creative ability - it is commonly said in OA that creating an AI (a fully sophont mind equivalent to a human) requires a level of effort along the lines of:

S0 = writing a full length novel.

S1 = writing a 10 page college English paper

S2 = writing a 1 page college essay.

S3 = writing a single sentence.

S4 = writing a one syllable word.

S5 = their random thoughts can become so complex and involved that they evolve sophonce, form complex civilizations, live long and full lives (subjectively speaking) and are then reabsorbed into the overmind that created them.

S6 = all of sephirotic civilization may be a figment of their imagination. No one knows for sure.

Focusing more on the technologies that transapients and archai can invent see this page here:


In terms of specific S6 technology (invented by S6 and not understandable by lower S-levels), examples would include:

Void Ships and the most advanced Void Factories
The most advanced wormholes and weylforges
Tipler Oracles and basement universes
Implosion Weapons

Note however that they also can do everything that all the lower S-levels can do and do it better.

Finally, in terms of stories - S5 and S6 level minds and the civilizations/infrastructure they create are probably more often treated as 'part of the background' since they are so big and powerful and overarching, although that isn't always the case. This is also a constant ongoing and evolving process within the OA project, so new examples could appear at any time.

Some examples in which high level archai play a role (and yes, all of these are hard science and no - none of them involve rewriting physical lawsSmile:

A Minor Demonstration of Power

A Transapient's Lie

Dragon's Teeth

Infanticide -Version 1 or Version 2



We tend to do more stories involving lower level transapients, to be honest.

For a full list of OA stories, see Here. Please note that some date from earlier in the OA Project and we may have changed our overall ruleset since they were written.

Out of time atm, but if you have additional questions about this, please feel free to ask.

Hope this helps,


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