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Singularity levels and their limitations
What do you mean by "alive"? Plenty of things are alive that aren't sentient (plants, fungi, helminths etc). What most of the major powers are concerned with is the ethics and law surrounding sophonce. Starting with the idea that conscious, sentient, intelligent beings deserve rights and working out from there.

There's some interesting research in neuroscience that points to consciousness (which leads to sentience, personhood etc) being not directly linked to intelligence. Hopefully that line of study will reveal more in time but atm OA takes the position that it is possible to make an intelligent entity that is not sentient. It has no (or minimal) conscious perception, no personhood, no sophonce. For all the intelligence it might have its no more a moral agent than a rock.

Look up bots and vots in the EG. They form the basis for a lot of OA tech and they are intelligent without being sophont.
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