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Singularity levels and their limitations
Regarding being alive/conscious/sophont I'll read the EG a bit further before discussing this, I guess it must be pretty documented already.

The actual 'pet humans' do not interest me that much, (although they are a likely consequence of breeding and domesticating humans).
I think there are 2 main ways to keep humans as a pet. One is the ant keeper way that seems to be pretty documented with the caretaker worlds.
The other is a direct owner/pet relationship that poses some more (moral) problems.

No human today would feel free if they were taken as a pet in the middle of their lives. Yet I think that if we were raised under such circumstances with no knowledge of ever being free we might not question this too much. Especially if they are pretty benevolent in what we may do.
If we knew our pets would be safe doing something we wouldn't restrict them from going out on their own and doing what they want.

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