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Typo's and/or other errors
I've joined a few days ago and I've been directed here to report any typo's and other errors I encounter. If that's okay I'll edit this post with anything I find as I make my way trough the archives or should I add comments to this thread or make new threads.

Transapients and archailects
Near the bottom of the page
Quote:Nevertheless they are highly valued and sort after by artists, eccentrics, and lateral thinkers everywhere.
I think this should be sought after.

a minor demonstration of power
Quote:One moment it was there, a massive, stolid block of immutable stone.
Fixed; thanks!
Should I bump edits or will they be visible enough?
(12-11-2016, 05:39 PM)turoni Wrote: Should I bump edits or will they be visible enough?

Actually, we maintain a Sticky Thread on this sub-forum called Proof-reading EG for just this purpose. That way it doesn't 'fall off the edge of the world' if we don't get to the edits right away and no one has to worry about bumping thingsSmile We generally post an acknowledgement that things have been fixed as we do them, so folks don't feel they are just throwing notifications down a hole.

Please post any further typo/error notifications to the Proof-reading thread and we'll take care of things from there.


Okay, will do

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