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Genetic engineering
(12-26-2016, 05:24 PM)rom65536 Wrote: Hmmm....Not a geneticist in the slightest, but...

What about people like Liam Hoekstra?

Basically - a random kid that's born looking like he went through Project: Rebirth (The experiment that created Captain America) in the womb. He's got a condition called "Myostatin related hypertrophy" and is not expected to have any ill effects from it... Other than eating like a horse.

I guess I'm asking: Does having a functional example to "reverse engineer" make a thing easier? It sure would in aerospace, but I don't know much about genetic engineering.

I know about the MSTN and NCOR1 genes that regulate muscle mass. Making those kindof alterations should become possible in the near-future. My question was about something more radical, like the creation of entirely new muscle groups. That could only be done while the subject is a fetus.

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