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 <Admin> Voices: Future Tense - Move and Redesign
Here are some homepage designs that might be linked to elsewhere in the Orion's arm files. just putting them in the forum to show what a slideshow effect could do on the homepage, for whenever that happens.
Obviously, there are many other alternative designs.

Typeface: Verdana 18 pt.
(Encyclopedia Galactica is in Ayuthaya 24 pt, which may not be widely available..that could be a png, or another font)
Aside from the slideshow feature, the design should be very easy to code in CSS or HTML5

Also, I learned recently that the scientist in the second image is taken from crewmaster 5 by Mattew Barney (, so that one probably can't be used due to copyright.

9999 AT to Present: (Current Era)

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Yes; Bernd has used a lot of 'found images' in his collages, most of which are very difficult to source, but if we are using any copyright material we should alter or remove it.

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