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Poll: Does language (as a strategy for getting stuff done) imply self-awareness?
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On creating the kind of AI that humans imagine
At my university we had a similar system - an animatronic head that would talk and "learn" from conversations. Of course, it just learned new words, and associated no meaning with those words beyond parts of speech. That lack of meaning didn't save Louie (the head's name) from getting dismantled when he said "<teacher's name> is <school administrator's name>'s bitch." to a group of visiting trustees.

Louie was keeping it real. He didn't deserve the fate he got. It was a blow to the cause of Sophont's Rights when Louie was basically executed for saying a truth that embarrassed the ruling class....
Maybe I should write an EG article about Louie being an early martyr for the cause of equal rights for digital minds.

The professor behind the Louie project used to say that language was an emergent effect that appeared alongside self awareness. When the processes that make up a "person" become so complex and integrated that they become a single unit, process signaling between different units takes on a new level of complexity - hence language. What louie was doing wasn't actually "language" - it was something fundamentally different on the inside that looked similar on the outside.

Either way, every year in the spring, I poor one on the curb for a fallen homie... Louie kept it real and told the truth.

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