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On creating the kind of AI that humans imagine
(01-21-2017, 04:00 AM)Bear Wrote: Well, whatever it is.... sufficient or not, it's definitely necessary.

I don't think that what ants and bees have is language. They have ... maybe, biological signalling is the right concept? First, there's a very limited range of things it can express, and the expression is invariant (not learned).

That seems to be correct - bee dialects are inherited 'with simple Mendelian inheritance'.
Quote:Behavioural genetic analysis of honey bee dance language shows simple Mendelian genic control over certain dance dialect differences. Worker honey bees of one parent colony (yellow) changed from round to transition dances for foraging distances of 20 m and from transition to waggle dances at 40 m. Worker bees of the other parent colony (black) made these shifts at 30 m and 90 m, respectively. F1 colonies behaved identically to their yellow parent, suggesting dominance. Progeny of backcrossing between the F1 generation and the putative recessive black parent assorted to four classes, indicating that the dialect differences studied are regulated by genes at two unlinked loci, each having two alleles. Honey bee dance communication is complex and highly integrated behaviour. Nonetheless, analysis of a small element of this behaviour, variation in response to distance, suggests that dance communication is regulated by subsets consisting of simple genic systems.
Note that AIs will probably be able to instantly 'inherit' spoken language from other sources by simply downloading it, although they might need to learn by experience how to use that language with skill and flair.

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