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The Planets around Tau Ceti may be fairly volcanic
Mmm. If it's significantly less dense than Earth (more silicates and less ferrous content) you can have a planet with 4.3 Earth masses and 1.9 Earth radii. That gives you 3g at the surface. I was going to say '2g would be do-able if miserable for the first couple generations, and the grandchildren would be tweaks...' but I can't justify less than 3g with the math, and 3g would be a whole lot more no-fun than 2g. I don't think it would be wise for a 3g tweak to retain the human bodyplan. Something more like a squat centaur maybe.

Under 3g, nobody but heroically trained earthling athletes could do so much as stand up. Even if you can stand up, our lungs don't exchange oxygen fast enough to maintain a walking pace, and an uncontrolled fall would be about 20% likely to be fatal. Those are some damned horrible conditions.

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