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Technology Timeline: Possible improvements
What do you all think about adding these entries to the technology timeline? Or should they be altered or deleted?

92 - Agriculture is so heavily automated that less than 0.1% of the population are employed in the industry, most by the Jarvis Microtechnics megacorp.

119 - An internet based virtual world war centered on North America which shifts a number of assets and influence from previous geopolitical and corporate powers to new players.

BTW, was the main cause of the internet war the exploratory efforts of early A.I.s?

Reference below
92 AT is sufficiently close in RL that giving the megacorp a specific name might be inappropriate.
Curiously enough, I think that the Internet War might happen a lot sooner, in the next couple of decades; but hopefully it will be a minor event, and leave the status of information security systems greatly improved. The worst case of an information war would put all hospitals, airlines, police, transport networks and self-driving cars out of commission, as well as leaving the populace without reliable sources of information.
Well, the first skirmishes have already happened if you include what happened to Iranian nuclear research labs, the UK's National Health Services and the hacking of various voter databases in the US.

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