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The Expanse and its compatibility with OA
I just watched the first 3 episodes of "The Expanse", and it seems super realistic to me.  Do y'all think the setting in The Expanse (200 years from now) and the setting in Orion's arm in 247 a.t. are mostly compatible?

I'm mostly asking this from people who have actually watched part of the show, but I don't want to say too much since I don't want to spoil it.

Here are the basics:

Earth unified under U.N.

Mars is independent 

Ceres is a U.N. protectorate.  It is also pressurized, though I haven't seen any mention of genetic engineering. The people there have such weak bodies due to microgravity that they can 1 G is literally tortre for them.

Ships harvest ice from Saturn's rings.  The belt also harvests ice and other material but a lot of it goes to Luna and Mars (and Earth apparently, though that only makes sense if its a rare earth metal).

Earth and Mars have a cold war stance towards each other.

Wiki page for The Expanse below if you want more details. It think its an awesome series.  I checked out the page and it is spoiler free.

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