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The Expanse and its compatibility with OA
I haven't really seen much of the show - for some reason the bits I've seen just haven't grabbed my attention.

That said, my sense is that OA's depiction of the Solar System 200 or so years into the future is more technologically advanced than what the expanse depicts. We have human equivalent AI, advanced genetic engineering, space elevators on Luna and Mars and being built or soon to be built on Earth. Also, Mars is being terraformed and the Outer System gas giants are seeing moons being colonized and bubblehabs built.

The idea of the UN ruling the entire Earth is an old SF trope (older than me by a good bit), but isn't used in OA. Martian and spacer relations with Earth fluctuate a good bit in OA, from good to open warfare.

None of this is a knock against the Expanse - I agree it seems to be a pretty good hard SF show - although the idea of people being so adapted to low G without any other effects (likely negative) seems iffy without massive gengineering. But it's using a somewhat different set of starting assumptions than we do so the future it depicts is a bit different.

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