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The Expanse and its compatibility with OA
Quote:Within Ceres there are several rotating levels (I can't remember if they rotate independently or if the place has been given a spin) for a low artificial gravity.
This is the aspect I am interested in. The natural gravity of Ceres is 0.029 gees, less than a thirtieth of Earth's gravity; this is very low. You could build rotating rings on or below the surface of this dwarf planet, and create an outwards gravity value that counteracts this minimal attraction; or you could mount horizontal rings ('tracked centrifuges') on the surface to create sideways gravity, although having a thirtieth of a gee pulling you down/ sideways all the time would be inconvenient.

I'm not convinced that the makers of the Expanse have properly defined the rotation regime in these habitats - although the concept art looks good.
[Image: 160126-northfront-midtownceres-concept-b-v5.jpg]

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