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The Expanse and its compatibility with OA
Honestly, the discussion seems to be getting rather far afield here.

The reasons for the lack of radiator depictions in all images have been covered and it has been made clear that if anyone has an issue with a specific image they should bring it to our attention and we will consider addressing it in any of various fashions.

Steve has already addressed the Starlark image. The response has mainly consisted of variants of 'yes, but...' Which is not helpful in any real way.

Astronomer - if you have some specific course of action you would like us to consider in regards to the Starlark images, then please stop beating around the bush and just tell us what it is. We may do it or we may not - but get to the point, please.

Noclevername - Thank you for your efforts to rationalize the image(s) in question, but the proposed solution doesn't really fit with how we do things in OA.


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