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The Expanse and its compatibility with OA
(05-19-2019, 03:06 AM)The Astronomer Wrote: Now, if you, by any chance, play Children of a Dead Earth, you might point lasers' low efficiency and their inability to run hot resulting in them requiring hilariously big radiators, but real life military lasers are over 40% efficient, so that point is kind of...iffy.

TBF, current military lasers are much smaller in scale and lower in power than the ones in COADE.


Quote:Thermal lensing increases [Image: latex.php?latex=M%5E2&bg=ffffff&fg=000000&s=0] roughly linearly with input power. This means if you have 1 kW laser with a [Image: latex.php?latex=M%5E2&bg=ffffff&fg=000000&s=0] of 1.5 (which is reasonable), this means dumping 1 MW into that same laser will yield a [Image: latex.php?latex=M%5E2&bg=ffffff&fg=000000&s=0] of about 1500 (going the other way does not work, since [Image: latex.php?latex=M%5E2&bg=ffffff&fg=000000&s=0] can’t be less than 1).

ADDED: Also, the Expanse ships don't have radiators. Wink

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