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The Expanse and its compatibility with OA
Can the discrepancy between serious Ceres and the series Ceres be "fixed" somehow? I am, as you can tell, a fanatic about doing so for fiction.

--They could just say we're wrong about it in the real world. This excuse becomes weaker and weaker as science marches on and more data becomes available to the reader or viewer.
--The rock inside Ceres that we currently think is ice, is some other low density material that has properties similar to ice but is not water bearing.
--There's water, but it's somehow unusable or inaccessible. Seems vanishingly unlikely. And dumb. TV executives love that.
--We're underestimating the strip mining and terraforming capacity of the Expanse setting, they actually have methods not seen onscreen, to overcome those limitations we discussed.
--Aliens did it.

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