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Hello from Ireland

I'm Duddy9. I'm an electronic engineer from Derry. I love old movies, comics, games, literature and the theater.

When I'm not working, I like to sketch, hike, volunteer and build impractical machines and robots at my local FabLab.

When it comes to science fiction I prefer older writers such as Jules Verne, although I did really enjoy Kim Stanley Robinson's 2312, Iain M Banks Culture series and Frank Herbert's Dune series. I'm a bit hit and miss when it comes to Arthur C Clarke, I love his ideas, but his characters drive me nuts.

I've been enchanted with the OA for the last year after coming across it by accident. I love the mega-structures and the idea that humanity has diversified both physically and culturally. When I think of the OA I think of the old Star Trek phrase "Infinite diversity in infinite combination".

I have a few ideas of my own and hope to make contributions to the OA.

And we will look forward to seeing your work.

Welcome to the OA funhouse.
Evidence separates truth from fiction.
Hi - Welcome to OA Smile

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