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Krasnikov tube vs Worm Holes and Alubierre Drive

So i've been working on a sci fi project for a while and one goal is for my project to be as realistic as possible in terms of science and yet still allow some way to get around the universe in a plot workable time frame. Anyway I've been looking into the different methods of plausible faster then light travel. I'm no Physicist so everything is really based on a "that seems reasonable" sort of way of thinking.  Everyone tells me the Alcubierre drive isn't really likely to be workable, I understand that. Wormholes seem to be a bit more iffy and thats something i'm looking into. However one think i've looked into that seems to make sense is a Krasnikov Tube. The idea is sort of like this. I leave Earth at relativistic speeds in 2017 and head for Alpha Centauri in late 2021 early 2022, what ever. I leave a Krasnikov tube in my wake. I see the sights get to know the locals take some pictures go home. Now I follow my Tube and reach earth right after I left in 2017. To me, thanks to Time dilatation going to Alpha Centauri and the tube on my way home, It seems to me that I went faster then light, but I never did, and the tube let me go back home right after I left. 

I like this idea because its almost a poor man's warp drive and it seems less problematic.  You can also still also have fun building realistic relativistic spaceships. I don't know if it really is any more plausible then say a wormhole but if it is it might be worth looking into.

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