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Krasnikov tube vs Worm Holes and Alubierre Drive
(05-07-2017, 07:57 AM)AmrlKJaneway Wrote: That's great, thanks! I don't know much about the history of the setting, and I think it's great it's so flexible. This is my main problem with Star Trek. There are things that went great with the 60's reality of future space travel, that should have been re-written for the later series, but in order to keep a consistency, they refuse to retcon some of the ideas, and the setting just becomes less and less believable. Like the whole sub-space field thing should have been replaced with an Alcubierre metric by now. If OA isn't afraid to reconstruct an idea to comply with current theories/discoveries, I'm all for it!

The project is almost always in a low level state of reconstruction and ret-conning, with occasional surges in activity if circumstances warrant it. Lately we've seen a lot of activity around the early history of the timeline (not just expansion, but also altering existing content as our take on things changes).

At various times over the years we've also considered other alterations to our take on wormholes, or the removal of wormholes, or removing all the xenosophonts from the setting (although the general consensus has always come back to the fact that we like the setting better with wormholes and aliens Smile ).

If some RL development definitively forced us to remove wormholes from the setting, then we'd probably do so - but so far that hasn't happened. There have been occasional articles indicating that wormholes might not be possible or that they might work rather different from what we depict - but these have been sufficiently theoretical that they count as another potential description of reality rather than a better description than the one that our WHs are based on.

Our general take on these things and to wait and see and only make major changes to core setting elements if the weight of theory seems to require it.

OTOH, we've done quite a lot of rapid updates based on the discovery of new planets in our portion of the galaxySmile


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