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Something stronger than buckyfiber?
(05-22-2017, 04:28 AM)Alphadon Wrote: And it's monatomic wire, to boot.
I'm not sure if this will have a significant impact on the setting, as a method of stabilizing it without protective nanotube sheathing does not exist yet. However, magcarbyne would mean the strongest material that could ever exist. However, this does make those "mono-edged blades" potentially feasible again.

Not sure that this would count as a major change, but if the nanotube sheath could survive the stresses (and logically it might given that we have historically described buckyfiber as being used for beanstalks) then you could imagine the support cable for a beanstalk consisting of carbyne fibers sheathed in nanotube. So you could make stronger and more durable beanstalks. Similarly for mag-carbyne, a sheathed strand could be used as the basis for engineering that stresses even magmatter (whatever that might be).


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