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what is "ontology " ?
Hi. I have a first draft for Ontology. This need to include other suggestions proposed in this thread but i wanted to make an early version.


Ontology is the study of the existence and the things that exist, their relations, similarities and differences. This is done through a formal naming and classification of the entities that exist.
An ontology consist on a series of axioms (starting points of reasoning), domains (the range of the ontology), definitions and a grammar that articulate the statements of the ontology.
Ontologies as Old Earth understandood it were comparatively in the prehistory of Terragen psychology and it was not until the emergence of the sophont AIs and more and more diverse lifeforms that Ontology creation and importance blossomed with myriads of different interpretations.
Ontologies for the terragen are the algorithms behind the different perspectives of life and different modes of thought, abstract prisms through which they see the cosmos. For the AI and the digital population of the galaxy, an onthology is a software protocol which form the basic foundation for thinking and discourse.

Ontologies can vary hugely from one to another. Ontologies within an specific field of study have a narrower domain than a general ontology, are more practical and more specialized. They also tend to have a reductionist focus.
Ontologies within an ample field of study have wider domains, are more abstract or theoretical and tend to have an holistic focus.

Due to the differences that can appear between different ontologies, terragen developed ontologies to classify other ontologies and translate their meaning to the remaining ones. These are called Upper level ontologies and their domain are the elements that compose other ontologies, their relations and definitions. Upper level ontologies stands on widely accepted axioms and can manage different ontologies as different ways of thinking or different belief systems. These ontologies allows sophonts the understanding of realities highly divergent.

The better the upper ontology, the more diverse the realities that can translate to a familiar mode of thought. The history of terragenkind represents the creation of increasingly encompassing ontologies. But with the creation of each ontology, new modes of thought appeared that resisted classification.
Even to day (y11k) is not clear if terragenkind will develop in the future an all encompassing ontology.

i hope you liked it. Suggestions for the next version.
- General history. As suggested by Drashner.
- clade relations over the history of the setting. (Drashner)
-  Philosophical blackboxes. (Rynn)
- metaphilosophical algorithms. (Rynn)
- Software kit (Rynn)
- Godel's incompleteness theorem. (Stephen Inniss).
- Differences between ontology and memetics.
- Sentient Rights Protocols.
Quote: "Nature considers all the variables".
Quote: "the object and the theory are distinct things"

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