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My "hard sf" Star Wars theory
I love Star Wars, but I also love hard sci-fi, which seems to be lacking in Star Wars. Or is it?

For my theory, I'm ignoring a lot of Star Wars. No EU, no Disney films, just the two George Lucas trilogies, and a small passage from this book;

This is the old Star Wars Encyclopedia. I believe it's the one I was flicking through in a book store when I was younger. The hundred dollar plus price tag prevented me from taking it home. The first thing I looked up was "hyperspace". Now, contrary to what has been published later about a parallel universe (that is a possibility of m-theory, although quite a stretch to use it in the ways they do in Star Wars), this book stated that the Star Wars universe was connected via wormholes. This also fits with what we see on the Risk Star Wars board game. Some systems in clusters (more of that later) and others need to take a "hyperspace lane" to get to.

Now, this is similar to Orion's Arm, and the wormhole nexus.

One thing I will take from the EU is that hyperspace is not an invention of the current civilization, but a previous one. These wormholes were already there. They would have been observed in early stargazing, and possibly led to a space age much sooner than our own civilization. Hence why Star Wars people seem old fashioned, but also futuristic.

Now, in the film, they never mention travelling faster than light, they always say "lightspeed". The exception is Han Solo, boasting that his ship can do "point 5 past lightspeed", which is still only 1.5c, and not that great for crossing a galaxy. But, I also theorise that this, and the famed "12 parsecs" line was merely bs (remember we're ignoring the whole maw thing), and just Han trying to make a sale to what looked like a stupid farm boy and an old man. Spew jargon that makes no sense. Like a car salesman has never done that before.

The jump to lightspeed must be done with some form of inertia-less warp field, but not one that accelerates superluminally. This is the "hyperdrive". Possibly some conjunction of the existing engines and void bubbles curving the surrounding space, so a quick burst from the ion engine can accelerate the ship at much greater velocities than usual.

Now what got my attention about the similarities to the Wormhole Nexus of OA was this discussion that we were having the other day, particularly post#4; , which states "This is why the Nexus grows outwards, wormholes travelling at relativistic speeds shift into the future from the perspective of the wormhole that stays at home. That doesn't violate causality because even if home (Hw) is in the global past relative to colony (Cw) it's outside of Cw's light cone. A krasnikov tube would have the same issue I'd think, though I don't know much about them."

Now, we know that the centre of politics and trade is the core worlds in Star Wars. This is one of the clusters I mentioned earlier. Just check out how close together the stars are in the core of our own galaxy;

It's easy to see how the core worlds can operate without FTL travel. But now, think about the Outer Rim. This is connected by wormhole links (or possibly Krasnikov tubes, if you like the whole "hyperspace lane" thing), that are displaced in time. So maybe trekking between the stars out there takes years and years, but when you get back to the core, it has been weeks, or months.

To support this, I note that recent events in Star Wars always seems like ancient history. I couple this with the fact that no one mentions a system of time keeping in Star Wars. We don't know how long their year is, what their lifespans are (being people with advanced medical practices), or the time between any two events. This is because time differs from different perspectives, due to temporally displaced wormhole links and relativistic travel through space.

So, there you have it. My hard sci-fi Star Wars theory. It's not enirely scientifically sound (it is Star Wars), but I'm happy with it and it's what I'm going to believe!

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