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Long time Lurker, now posting a bit
Interesting question!

The archai are strongly rumored/known to be able to create both artificial universes (Tipler Oracles) and to be able to manipulate the dimensionality of space-time (Implosion Weapons). And make Wormholes, of course. They are also rumored to either be able to access other universes or the bulk 'between' universes or to be making attempts to do so.

Given these kind of abilities and the sort of energies that the archai can field along with their ability to create stuff as durable as Magmatter - I wouldn't be surprised if they can hit TOE energies or close to them.

A trickier set of questions are:

a) Whether or not they can control the results of such a process.

b) How easy/hard it is for them to repeat it.

c) Whether or not the results of such a thing would remain in this universe or be created in some new universe that expands at right angles to our own or the like.

d) Whether or not the results of such a thing would be stable in this universe.

e) Whether or not the results of such a thing would have uses and applications we can predict or imagine (this more of an editorial issue from our perspective).

Speaking of editorial things - we might address this as a rumored ability of the archai, with the results also being rumored in a general way (assuming we can't make any RL predictions about what sort of things could result from such technology). Of course, if RL science can make some predictions or hypotheses around this area, that could change our approach.

Hope this helps,


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