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Long time Lurker, now posting a bit
So I've been doing some reading and a lot of thinking actually.   
And this part specifically got me thinking.  

Violation of known physical laws

Quote:, and so on. Note that it is possible for them to produce effects which appear to have violated such laws, but close investigation has always shown this not to be so.

I am seeing what look like physical law violations in the tech on some of the articles but there is a touch of handwavium in it.  
At the same time I would like to propose some mechanisms on how these things might actually work.  (And obviously offer it for peer review) 
  • Void Bubbles.    Has anyone actually managed to describe HOW they work because I think I have a solution that actually works in terms of describing them.   
  • Disintegrators - EG article that doesn't actually describe HOW they work.  I think  I have a mechanism for that as well.   

Physics people please feel free to pick this apart / comment.  Feedback is appreciated.   

Void Bubble

Void bubbles actually work by creating a region of spacetime with a BORDER for gravity.   
External gravity does not influence what is inside; what is inside does not influence the outside material universe.  Effectively making asymptotically flat spacetime inside the bubble also has the effect of making it almost inertialess and massless.   

Perfectly flat spacetime inside the void bubble would render it massless and inertialess. 
[and as a byproduct kill everyone inside that depended on electronic transmissions for nerve impulses] 

This allows a manipulation of the external side of the void bubble to accelerate at fantastic levels because the energy and manipulation of the metric only has asymptotically small amounts of mass and inertia to overcome.   By putting a faint electrical charge to the void bubble; it becomes a fairly trivial matter to accelerate a proton's mass to 99.99999% the speed of light in a cyclotron.   

In addition to a void bubble, this also has other applications that I can go into as questions come up.   

If an archai can effectively create near-flat spacetime inside a bubble then ey would also be able to create asymptotically infinitely curved spacetime as well.    
[Alternate mechanism to explain this:   Implosion Weapon ]

Disintegrator Weapon

Effectively work by creating a small region of spacetime at the target point inside which electromagnetic and/or strong nuclear forces cease to operate.    [A border for these two forces] 

Turning off the strong nuclear force causes subatomic particles to completely fall apart into their component quarks.   When the field deactivates, color confinenment  comes back into play and spontaneously reassembles the free quarks into new baryons, mesons ( pions ).    This reaction can be slightly energetic 

Turning off the EM force causes matter to fall apart at the subatomic level.   Nuclei and electrons all will completely come apart inside the sphere as there is nothing binding them together.   Atomic nuclei will remain together due to the strong nuclear force.  Upon suspension  of the field the EM force begins to ruthless apply itself to the now very highly ionized matter.   

Coagulator weapon system doesn't completely shutdown the EM force inside the area of effect but it does lessen it enough to break some electron - nuclei bonds.  

Turning off the weak nuclear force has other effects which would include prevention of nuclear beta decay and certain pathways of fusion (p-p and CNO chain for example).  
Potential applications:   
  • Nuclear Inhibitors [stops a nuclear explosion] 
  • Safe handling of nuclear material by unshielded bionts
  • Exotic chemistry with ultraheavy elements [ Elements with Z number 95 and up become stable] 
  • Ultraheavy element creation and manipulation for experiments [potentially infinite Z Number] 
  • Extremely exotic chemistry using Gen II / Gen III fermions
  • Combining above with magmatter for even more exotic structures.

Turning off the field while some of this exotic stuff is around would also be fairly energetic.   

These effects are not breaking the laws of physics just influencing the level of interactions of the fundamental forces on spacetime itself.   

Got the idea from here.   A Universe Without Weak Interactions


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